Guest guidlines for theEx5 Podcast

Interview Format

The interview is meant to be casual and conversational. Relax, have fun and prepare to answer some interesting questions. If you come from a technical background, please keep in mind that the intent of the podcast is to “Explain It Like I’m Five.”

Use case: If you are speaking about pharmaceuticals, rather than saying “We prescribed the patient armodafinil,” please reframe the sentence as if the audience has no idea what you are talking about. Example: “We prescribed the patient a stimulant named armodafinil which often goes by the brand name NuVigil. Armodafinil is a wakefulness-promoting medication similar to adderall without the traditional heavy side effects of an amphetamine we are so use to seeing. You may recognize it as a glorification of the pill from the movie Limitless.”

Run Time: Most interviews last between 1-2 hours. If the podcast is running long, our editor will stop us to allow for bathroom breaks, refreshments, etc. If you need to stop the interview at any time, please feel free to interject as the interviews are not live and we can edit anything out in post-process.

Attire, electronics, props.

We video record all our podcasts and post them via our YouTube channel. Therefore, please wear casual attire with limited patterns and no explicit language visible. Hats are welcome. We ask that cell phones be turned to silent or turned off to avoid unnecessary distractions. If you have any props that you will be showing during the taping, please let us know in advance.


Please feel free to speak freely and in your natural element. We are a digital publication. Therefore, we are not bound by traditional radio limitations. While explicit words are just fine, we ask for our guests to avoid racist, sexist, homophobic, derogatory or grossly defamatory language, as this type of language may limit our ability successfully publish the podcast. We ask our guests to refrain from interjecting political commentary of any kind. Example: Please leave Trump out of it.

Off Limit Topics

If you have any topics, words or questions that may be sensitive to you or you specifically will not talk about, please let us know by email at least one hour prior to the taping.


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